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1 Intro To Dance (DJ Horse Edit) – DJ Kemit & Luke Austin present The Lounge Lizards

2 Festa Em Ipanema (Dee Jay Sound Party Mix, DJ Horse Edit) -Dee Jay Sound

3 Kalamba (Moon Mix, DJ Horse Edit) – Moon Rocket, TSOS, Benjy

4 Silent Sing (Felipe Gordon Latin Rework, DJ Horse Edit) – Crackazat, Felipe Gordon

5 The Whistle Song (Cinthie Remix) – Frankie Knuckles

6 Halfway – DuBeats

7 Tell The Story (Danny J Lewis Instrumental Remix, DJ Horse Edit) – Daz-I-Kue, Jill Rock Jones, Danny J Lewis

8 Constant Jazz (Original Mix, DJ Horse Edit) – Manuel Kane

9 Feel This Way (Main Vocal, DJ Horse Edit) – Mo’Cream

10 Let It Go (Original Mix) – Risk Assessment, Queen Rose

11 Smile (Shur-i-kan NY Style Vocal Mix, DJ Horse Edit) – Mistura, Kendra Cash, Dave Lee, Shur-I-Kan

12 Free Yourself (Main Mix) – DJ Gomi, Karmina Dai

13 Take Hold – Austins Groove

14 313 (Extended Mix) – Trilogy Inc.

15 Krimson Blossom (Original Mix, DJ Horse Edit) – Jerome Sydenham, Fatima Njai

16 When Is Deep (Original Mix, DJ Horse Edit) – Tuccillo

17 Mysterious Vibes (Sean McCabe Classic Rework, DJ Horse Edit) – The Blackbyrds

18 Simple Things (DJ Horse Edit) – Ross Couch

19 Golden (Marc Cotterell’s Classic Mix) – Danny Clark, Nicole Mitchell

20 Got To Keep Moving (DJ Horse Edit) – ColorJaxx

21 All The Feels (Original Mix) – Saison

22 Aight (T.Markakis Caldera Sunset Remix, DJ Horse Edit) – Pablo Fierro

23 House Feeling Anthem (Original Mix) – Angelo Ferreri, James Deron, Danmic’s

24 Don’t Run Away (Sean’s Italo Piano Dub, DJ Horse Edit) – Soul Dhamma

25 Give Me The Feeling (DJ Horse Edit) – Delgado

26 Breaking (Felipe Gordon Latin Jazz Rework, DJ Horse Edit) – Kyodai, Felipe Gordon

27 Brazilian Coffee (Dave Lee Club Mix, DJ Horse Edit) – Agora, Dave Lee

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Enjoy Music



1 Loves Goodbyes (Nigel Hayes Remix) C-Pull, Natalia Kissoon, Nigel Hayes

2 Serious (David Harness & Reelsoul Vocal Mix) – Craig C, Kim Dawson, David Harness, Reelsoul

3 Most Precious Love (Michael Gray Remix) – Blaze, UDAUFL, Barbara Tucker

4 Party People (Michael Gray Remix) – Crystal Waters, DJ Spen & MicFreak

5 Don’t Stop (DJ Horse Instrumental Edit) – Sebb Junior, Eric Roberson, Paula, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kaidi Tatham

6 Rocketship (Terry Hunter Remix) – Matt Early, Lee Jeffries, Will Bee, Terry Hunter

7 Over (Boris Dlugosch & Cassara Remix) – Billy Cobham feat. Novecento

8 Thinking About You (Original Mix) – Deepconsoul

9 Love My Drum (Late Nite Swing Vocal) – DJ CEEZ, Tiff Beatty

10 Listen Love (Dave Lee Flute Reboot) – The Sunburst Band, Dave Lee

11 She Is A Queen (Brukel Music Vocal Mix) – MissFly, Brutha Basil, Kelvin Sylvester

12 The Real Deal (Kai Alce ‚KZR‘ Vocal Mix) – Dezaray Dawn, Kai Alce

13 Dreamer (M.Patrick Remix) – CallEd

14 Let It Go (feat. Maurice Smith) (BRS Dub Mix) – Juan Hoerni, Maurice Smith, BRS

15 A Última Fortaleza (Michele Chiavarini Remix) – Laranja, Michele Chiavarini

16 The Sun (84Bit Remix) – Michael Gray, The Melody Men, 84Bit

17 Dance Tonight (DJ Spen’s Deeper House Remix) – Smok, DJ Spen

18 Do You Love Me (Original Mix) – Raffaele Ciavolino

19 Joy (Frankie Feliciano Remix) – Sterling Ensemble, Sara Devine, Frankie Feliciano

20 SoulAfro – Chris Nigel

21 Day By Day (Atjazz Remix) – Hallex M, Bongi Mvuyana, Atjazz

22 Where To (Original) – Max Verrier, Trumpet Z

23 Bring it Back feat. Mimi Barber (DJ Horse Edit) – Inaky Garcia, Jerry Davila, Roger Garcia

24 A Vida E Boa, A Vida E Sol (DJ Horse Edit) – Doug Gomez

25 The Future (Original) – Dan Laino, Bob Remis

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Flashback#4_DJ Horse Mocca Essential Mix Nr. 4 2001 (lost tracklist)



1 Irmao (Saturnalia Mix) – Nova Fronteira

2 My Beat (Swag’s Spiritual Mix) – Blaze feat. Palmer Brown

3 Think About Me (Matt ‚Jam‘ Lamont & DJ Face Classic Vocal Remix) – Artful Dodger & Michelle Escoffery

4 Spirit (MAW Mix) – Connie Williams

5 Lover (Reconstruction Mix) – Joe Robers

6 Higher & Higher (David Morales Reconstructed Remix) – Milk & Sugar

7 Mine To Give (David Morales Happy Mix) – Photek feat. Robert Owens

8 Flyin’ High (Dee’s Butterfly Zone Mix) – Sami Dee

9 Last Dance (And I Come Over) (Erick Morillo’s Classic Mix) – Superfunk

10 Everything (Bottom Dollar Mix) – Hysterix

11 Darlin’ (BT’s Club Mix) – Bob Sinclar

12 If You Luv Me (Club Mix) – Knee Deep feat. Kenny Bobien

13 American Dream (Joey Negro Club Mix) – Jakarta

14 Dreams (Original Mix) – Urban Magic

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Flashback#3_DJ Horse Mocca Essential Mix 1 2001



1 Perfect Love, Parfait Amour (B1 12’’ Mix) – Def Bond & Fafa Monteco pres. Blackfeet

2 Touch Me (Supersmack Full Vocal) – Sharon Phillips

3 The Best Of Me (Knee Deep Moody Mix) – Subsystem feat. Lisa Millett

4 Calllin’ U (Mood II Swing Vocal) – A:Xus feat. Naomi : Baghdad Cafe

5 Crazy Love (Michi Lange’s Club Mix) – MJ Cole

6 Luv 2 See Ya (Dancin’) (Spen & Karizma 12’’ Mix) – Loverush

7 Rise (Bini & Martini Mix) – Soul Providers

8 Fire Up (Bini & Martini Classic) – Funky Green Dogs

9 Should I Stay (Satoshi Tommie Club) – Gabrielle

10 Love And Happiness (Club Mix) – River Ocean feat. India

11 Tourment D’Amour (12’’ Mix) – Africanism

12 Love And Happiness (La Rumba) – River Ocean feat. India

13 Champ Elysees Themme (From Champs Elysees) – Bob Sinclar

14 Rob’s Groove (From R.R. EP Part One) – Robbie Rivera

15 Let Me Love You Boy (Robbie’s Wicked Vocal) – Snatch feat. Cheryl Pepsii Riley

16 Sexy (From EP) – Travoltazz E.P.1

17 O.K. Alright (D.J. Dome „Psycho“ Mix) – Buddha Khan

18 Music (Groove Armada Club) – Madonna

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Love Fantasy



1 Here We Are (Nutty Nys Remix) – Lazarusman

2 You Want My Love (Original Mix) – Sebb Junior

3 Escape (Richard Earnshaw’s Rework) – Tony Momrelle, Richard Earnshaw

4 One More Time (Dj Spen & Reelsoul Deep In Love Dub) – Divas Of Color, Evelyn „Champagne“ King, Dj Spen, Reelsoul

5 Not Forgotten (Franke Estevez FUZION instr. Remix) – Ed Ramsey, Franke Estevez

6 Where You Are (Wez’s Main Vocal Mix) – Angel-A, Wez Whynt

7 Stay – Dirtytwo

8 The Summer of Your Life (Mike Dem Remix) – Neil Amarey, Lazarusman, Mike Dem

9 Let’s Get Grooving (Phaze Dee Remix) – Alex Michos, Phaze Dee

10 Took My Breath Away (Vick’s Time Traveler Mix) – Vick Lavender, Brian ‚Smokey‘ Williams

11 Love Fantasy (Dr Packer Remix) – Jayenne, Dave Lee, Dr Packer

12 I Miss You (Original Mix) – Waterstone, Tracy Hamlin

13 Get Alone (Original Mix) – Riky Mura

14 El Ritmo (Original Mix) – Vega & Romero

15 On And On (Original Mix) – Luis Radio

16 When You Find Your Love… Hold On (Jon Cutler’s 12“ Distant Music Mix) – Alistair Colling vs. Tortured Soul

17 It Was I (Original Mix) – Veev, Heidi B

18 Where Is The Love? (Main Vocal Mix) – Booker T, Lee Wilson

19 I Stopped Loving You (Richard Earnshaw Extended Revision) – Stoim, Tracy Hamlin, Richard Earnshaw

20 Running With You – Miguel Migs, Lisa Shaw

21 Sedução (D-Reflection Remix) – S.U.M.O., D-Reflection

22 Do You Want the Real Thing (Opolopo Dub Mix) – D.C. LaRue, Opolopo

23 Honey (Summer Main Mix) – Boomclap, Cerys

24 Boogie Child (Dancing All Night) (Sandy Rivera’s 70’s Funk’d Dub) – Twism, Jeremy Juno, John Munich, Worthy Davis, Sandy Rivera

25 Disco Saved My Life – Jamie Lewis

26 Where Do We Go From Here (DJ Spen Remix) – John Khan, Paul Lyons, Leighton Jones, DJ Spen

27 One Day (Main Vocal Mix) – Ron Carroll

28 Won’t Go Back (Main Vocal) – Harley&Muscle, Robert Owens

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Flashback#2_DJ Horse Essential Mix Promo Test Nr.2 16122000

re-release of the vinyl mix from 2000



1 Whisle Song (F.K. 12 inch Mix) – Frankie Knuckles

2 When I Fall In Love (Knee Deep Classic Club Mix) – The Klub Family feat. Sybil

3 Believe (D-Tension Dub) – Ministers De-La-Funk feat. J.Brown

4 Mindgames (White Label 12 inch Vocal) – Full Intention

5 All I Do (White Label) – Cleptomaniacs vs. Stevie Wonder

6 Hold Me So Tight (Club Mix) – Stepz

7 Saisoul Nugget-If You Wanna (M & S Klub Mix) – M & S

8 Saturday Night (From EP-Limited DJ Edition) – The Midnight Creeperz

9 Let Yourself Go (Original Club Mix) – Master Freakz

10 Gettin’ Up! Gettin’ Down! (From EP-Limited DJ Edition) – The Midnight Creeperz

11 The Player (Olav Basoski Club Mix-W.L.) – First Choice

12 Do It! (12 inch Mix) – Africanism

13 Hold On To Me (Vocal Dub) – MJ Cole

14 All Good? (MJ Cole Vocal Mix) – De La Soul feat. Chaka Khan

15 Block Party (12 inch Mix from T.D’Amore) – Africanism

16 One More Time (Club Mix) – Daft Punk

17 Believe (King Unique Vocal Re-edit) – Ministers De-La-Funk feat. J.Brown

18 Our Love (From Men On Wax Vol II) – Johny Fiasco Qalo Mota D.K.

19 Wrong (Mood II Swing Dub) – EBTG

20 Dreamin’ (Jazz’n’Groove Club Mix) – Loleatta Holloway

21 Soulin’ Deep (12 inch Mix) – Steve Bug

22 Do It! (Accapella) – Africanism

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Flashback#1_DJ Horse Essential Mix Promo Test Nr.1 12112000

re-release of the vinyl mix from 2000



1 Needin’ U (One Rascal Mix) – David Morales presents The Face

2 Latin Soul Thing (Caribbean Soul Mix) – House 2 House

3 The Limit (12 inch Mix) – Knee Deep

4 Pasilda (Knee Deep Mix) – Afro Medusa

5 Aquamarina (In.Fra Dub Rimini Mix) – Intrallazzi & Fratty feat. Joanne

6 White Powder Scream (Roach Motel Remix) – Fire Island

7 Lady (12 inch Mix) – Modjo

8 I’m Wrong (Extended Promo) – Etienne De Crécy

9 Together (12 inch Mix) – DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter

10 In Your Arms/We Gonna Make It – Benjamin Diamond

11 I Thought It Was You (12 Inch Mix) – Sex-O-Sonique

12 Time Out For Love (DJ Phenix Remix) – Cleptomaniacs

13 I Feel For You (I Canfeelapella) – Bob Sinclar

14 Groovejet (BMR’s Club Cut) – Spiller

15 Saturday (Club Mix) – Joey Negro featuring Taka Boom

16 My Love (Test Pressing Side A Mix) – Kluster

17 Every Woman Needs Love (Full Intention Club Mix) – Stella Browne

18 Bad Habit (Jose Nunez Vocal Mix) – ATFC pres. Onephatdeeva feat. L.M.

19 Opium Scumbagz (Olav’s Hot ’n’ Sweet Dub) – Olav Basoski

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Daddy Adams Saturday Classic #18 Re-recorded



1 My Sister (Bruk House Vocal) – Cortney LaFloy

2 Thinking of You (Serge Devant’s Floor Cut) – Serge Devant, Damiano C, Camille Safiya

3 The Soul (Fizzikx Remix) – Dry & Bolinger, Fizzikx

4 O Samba E (Melé Extended Remix) – Frank Degrees

5 Praise Scat (Marlon D’s UC Dub Mix) – Joseph Junior, MAQman, Marlon D

6 Over and Over (Original Mix) – Michael Gray, Kelli Sae

7 So Tight (Rubb Sound System Remix) – Jameisha Trice

8 Coflo’s Bounce (Coflo Deep Mix) – Coflo

9 Gonna Be Alright (Original Mix) – T.Markakis

10 Optimistic (Michael Gray Dub) – Brian Power feat. Lucita Jules

11 I’m Feelin’ U (T.Markakis Class ‘N’ Groove Extended Mix) – CeCe Peniston

12 Back To Life (Booker T Kings Of Soul Satta Dub) – Soul II Soul, Booker T

13 So Deep (Original Mix) – Mo’Cream

14 Love Manifesto (Yoruba Soul Mix) – Black Widow

15 La Isla de Bes (Citarella & Mijangos 2021 Remix) – Lexa Hill, Peppe Citarella, Mijangos

16 Kilomanjaro (DJ Spen Re Edit) – Stim Dzyl, Mark Francis

17 Addicted (Vocal Mix) – Richard Earnshaw, Kholi

18 Right back – Dj Vartan & Techcrasher

19 Born2Underground (Vocal) – Booker T

20 Derrumba (Original Mix) – Beatkozina

21 Blackkz Weakness (DJ Horse Edit) – Shino Blackk

22 You Make Me Better (Coflo Remix) – DJ G

23 Dedication – Alankara, Jazzy D

24 Losing Faith (Instrumental Mix) – Pat Bedeau

25 Don’t Speak Her Name (Qwestlife Remix) – Boyan, Nathan Thomas, Qwestlife

26 Rude Movements (OPOLOPO Remix Extended Version) -SunPalace, OPOLOPO

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Soul Deep



1 Ghosts (Black Science Orchestra Remix #1) – The Spaces Between

2 Roses (Extended Mix) – Tete De La Course

3 Track Two (Original Mix) – Shur-I-Kan

4 Dakar Disco (Crackazat Remix) – Alma Negra

5 Betcha She Don’t Love You (Sebb Junior Remix) – Ruby Francis

6 You Can (Vertigini Remix) – Mattei & Omich, Elisabeth, Vertigini

7 Deeper State of Motion (Phaze Dee Remix) – Alex Michos

8 He Did It (Troublemen Remix) – Harley & Muscle Featuring Dawn Tallman

9 That’s How Deep (Original Mix) – Tom Bug, Ron Carroll

10 Soul Deep (Original Mix) – Mo’Cream

11 With The Jazz (Original Mix) – vibrate

12 Love Will Bring It (Opolopo Remix) – Young Pulse, Funky French League, Natalie Nova, Opolopo

13 Reach For The Stars (Kevin’s Flute Mix) – Kevin Hedge (Blaze), Rick Galactik

14 Breaking Down (Blaze Shelter DJ Vocal Mix) – Ananda Project, Blaze

15 Trying (Miguel Migs Salty Love Dub) – Corsica One

16 Xpand – Dave Leatherman

17 My World (Original Mix) – Enea Dj

18 Resolution (Original Mix) – Scott Diaz

19 That’s True – Simon Adams

20 The Cosmic Laws (Phil Asher Restless Soul Vocal) – P’taah, Monday Michiru, Phil Asher

21 Feeling Fine (Main Mix) – Markus Enochson

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Late Night Café



1 Bahia (Kyoto Jazz Massive Mix) – Ananda Project

2 Always There (Late Night Jazz Cafe Always There Live) – Dee Jay Sound

3 Bind (Rampa Remix – Timmy Regisford Edit) – Howling

4 Find A Way (Artwork dub Remix) – FridayAfterWorkAffair, Artwork Dub

5 Watch This (Georgies Soulful House) – Glenn Sweety G Toby, Roland & Brother Rich, Georgie Porgie

6 Back To Life (Zepherin Saint Thunder Dub) – Soul II Soul, Zepherin Saint

7 Lord & Master – Playin‘ 4 The City

8 Deeper in U (Bertrand Dupart & Teddy Danet Mix) – Pat The Cat

9 Sensation White (Original Mix) – T.Markakis

10 Everything (Original Club Mix) – Dj Meme, Double Dee

11 Don’t Tell Me (Original Mix) – T.Markakis

12 Rise Again (Original Mix) – Soul Central, Pru Fiddy

13 I Play House (Original Mix) – Risk Assessment

14 Heaven (DSS Vs. Groove Junkies Hustlers Mix) – MissFly, Deep Soul Syndicate, Groove Junkies

15 Love (Gabriel Dominguez Version) – Ray MD, Gabriel Dominguez, Dayana Prado

16 Paradise (Neil Pierce & DJ Spen Vocal Mix) – DJ Rae, Neil Pierce, DJ Spen

17 Black Magic (Maurice Joshua Remix [feat. Kera]) – Hula Mahone

18 I Wanna (TimAdeep’s P.L.U.R. Remix) – Soultronixx, Kila, TimAdeep’s P.L.U.R.

19 Sun Ra Was Right (Kususa Remix) – STUDIO APARTMENT, Monique Bingham, Kususa

20 More of You (Booker T Afro House Vocal Mix) – Emeli Sandé, Stonebwoy, Nana Rogues, Booker T

21 Back Tonight (Saison Extended Remix) – Miguel Migs, Martin Luther, Saison

22 Can’t Get Enough (Original Mix) – DAN_ROS, T.Markakis

23 Kat’s Groove (Trackheadz Mix) – Nick Holder

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