Flashback#3_DJ Horse Mocca Essential Mix 1 2001



1 Perfect Love, Parfait Amour (B1 12’’ Mix) – Def Bond & Fafa Monteco pres. Blackfeet

2 Touch Me (Supersmack Full Vocal) – Sharon Phillips

3 The Best Of Me (Knee Deep Moody Mix) – Subsystem feat. Lisa Millett

4 Calllin’ U (Mood II Swing Vocal) – A:Xus feat. Naomi : Baghdad Cafe

5 Crazy Love (Michi Lange’s Club Mix) – MJ Cole

6 Luv 2 See Ya (Dancin’) (Spen & Karizma 12’’ Mix) – Loverush

7 Rise (Bini & Martini Mix) – Soul Providers

8 Fire Up (Bini & Martini Classic) – Funky Green Dogs

9 Should I Stay (Satoshi Tommie Club) – Gabrielle

10 Love And Happiness (Club Mix) – River Ocean feat. India

11 Tourment D’Amour (12’’ Mix) – Africanism

12 Love And Happiness (La Rumba) – River Ocean feat. India

13 Champ Elysees Themme (From Champs Elysees) – Bob Sinclar

14 Rob’s Groove (From R.R. EP Part One) – Robbie Rivera

15 Let Me Love You Boy (Robbie’s Wicked Vocal) – Snatch feat. Cheryl Pepsii Riley

16 Sexy (From EP) – Travoltazz E.P.1

17 O.K. Alright (D.J. Dome „Psycho“ Mix) – Buddha Khan

18 Music (Groove Armada Club) – Madonna

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Love Fantasy



1 Here We Are (Nutty Nys Remix) – Lazarusman

2 You Want My Love (Original Mix) – Sebb Junior

3 Escape (Richard Earnshaw’s Rework) – Tony Momrelle, Richard Earnshaw

4 One More Time (Dj Spen & Reelsoul Deep In Love Dub) – Divas Of Color, Evelyn „Champagne“ King, Dj Spen, Reelsoul

5 Not Forgotten (Franke Estevez FUZION instr. Remix) – Ed Ramsey, Franke Estevez

6 Where You Are (Wez’s Main Vocal Mix) – Angel-A, Wez Whynt

7 Stay – Dirtytwo

8 The Summer of Your Life (Mike Dem Remix) – Neil Amarey, Lazarusman, Mike Dem

9 Let’s Get Grooving (Phaze Dee Remix) – Alex Michos, Phaze Dee

10 Took My Breath Away (Vick’s Time Traveler Mix) – Vick Lavender, Brian ‚Smokey‘ Williams

11 Love Fantasy (Dr Packer Remix) – Jayenne, Dave Lee, Dr Packer

12 I Miss You (Original Mix) – Waterstone, Tracy Hamlin

13 Get Alone (Original Mix) – Riky Mura

14 El Ritmo (Original Mix) – Vega & Romero

15 On And On (Original Mix) – Luis Radio

16 When You Find Your Love… Hold On (Jon Cutler’s 12“ Distant Music Mix) – Alistair Colling vs. Tortured Soul

17 It Was I (Original Mix) – Veev, Heidi B

18 Where Is The Love? (Main Vocal Mix) – Booker T, Lee Wilson

19 I Stopped Loving You (Richard Earnshaw Extended Revision) – Stoim, Tracy Hamlin, Richard Earnshaw

20 Running With You – Miguel Migs, Lisa Shaw

21 Sedução (D-Reflection Remix) – S.U.M.O., D-Reflection

22 Do You Want the Real Thing (Opolopo Dub Mix) – D.C. LaRue, Opolopo

23 Honey (Summer Main Mix) – Boomclap, Cerys

24 Boogie Child (Dancing All Night) (Sandy Rivera’s 70’s Funk’d Dub) – Twism, Jeremy Juno, John Munich, Worthy Davis, Sandy Rivera

25 Disco Saved My Life – Jamie Lewis

26 Where Do We Go From Here (DJ Spen Remix) – John Khan, Paul Lyons, Leighton Jones, DJ Spen

27 One Day (Main Vocal Mix) – Ron Carroll

28 Won’t Go Back (Main Vocal) – Harley&Muscle, Robert Owens

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Flashback#2_DJ Horse Essential Mix Promo Test Nr.2 16122000

re-release of the vinyl mix from 2000



1 Whisle Song (F.K. 12 inch Mix) – Frankie Knuckles

2 When I Fall In Love (Knee Deep Classic Club Mix) – The Klub Family feat. Sybil

3 Believe (D-Tension Dub) – Ministers De-La-Funk feat. J.Brown

4 Mindgames (White Label 12 inch Vocal) – Full Intention

5 All I Do (White Label) – Cleptomaniacs vs. Stevie Wonder

6 Hold Me So Tight (Club Mix) – Stepz

7 Saisoul Nugget-If You Wanna (M & S Klub Mix) – M & S

8 Saturday Night (From EP-Limited DJ Edition) – The Midnight Creeperz

9 Let Yourself Go (Original Club Mix) – Master Freakz

10 Gettin’ Up! Gettin’ Down! (From EP-Limited DJ Edition) – The Midnight Creeperz

11 The Player (Olav Basoski Club Mix-W.L.) – First Choice

12 Do It! (12 inch Mix) – Africanism

13 Hold On To Me (Vocal Dub) – MJ Cole

14 All Good? (MJ Cole Vocal Mix) – De La Soul feat. Chaka Khan

15 Block Party (12 inch Mix from T.D’Amore) – Africanism

16 One More Time (Club Mix) – Daft Punk

17 Believe (King Unique Vocal Re-edit) – Ministers De-La-Funk feat. J.Brown

18 Our Love (From Men On Wax Vol II) – Johny Fiasco Qalo Mota D.K.

19 Wrong (Mood II Swing Dub) – EBTG

20 Dreamin’ (Jazz’n’Groove Club Mix) – Loleatta Holloway

21 Soulin’ Deep (12 inch Mix) – Steve Bug

22 Do It! (Accapella) – Africanism

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Flashback#1_DJ Horse Essential Mix Promo Test Nr.1 12112000

re-release of the vinyl mix from 2000



1 Needin’ U (One Rascal Mix) – David Morales presents The Face

2 Latin Soul Thing (Caribbean Soul Mix) – House 2 House

3 The Limit (12 inch Mix) – Knee Deep

4 Pasilda (Knee Deep Mix) – Afro Medusa

5 Aquamarina (In.Fra Dub Rimini Mix) – Intrallazzi & Fratty feat. Joanne

6 White Powder Scream (Roach Motel Remix) – Fire Island

7 Lady (12 inch Mix) – Modjo

8 I’m Wrong (Extended Promo) – Etienne De Crécy

9 Together (12 inch Mix) – DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter

10 In Your Arms/We Gonna Make It – Benjamin Diamond

11 I Thought It Was You (12 Inch Mix) – Sex-O-Sonique

12 Time Out For Love (DJ Phenix Remix) – Cleptomaniacs

13 I Feel For You (I Canfeelapella) – Bob Sinclar

14 Groovejet (BMR’s Club Cut) – Spiller

15 Saturday (Club Mix) – Joey Negro featuring Taka Boom

16 My Love (Test Pressing Side A Mix) – Kluster

17 Every Woman Needs Love (Full Intention Club Mix) – Stella Browne

18 Bad Habit (Jose Nunez Vocal Mix) – ATFC pres. Onephatdeeva feat. L.M.

19 Opium Scumbagz (Olav’s Hot ’n’ Sweet Dub) – Olav Basoski

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Daddy Adams Saturday Classic #18 Re-recorded



1 My Sister (Bruk House Vocal) – Cortney LaFloy

2 Thinking of You (Serge Devant’s Floor Cut) – Serge Devant, Damiano C, Camille Safiya

3 The Soul (Fizzikx Remix) – Dry & Bolinger, Fizzikx

4 O Samba E (Melé Extended Remix) – Frank Degrees

5 Praise Scat (Marlon D’s UC Dub Mix) – Joseph Junior, MAQman, Marlon D

6 Over and Over (Original Mix) – Michael Gray, Kelli Sae

7 So Tight (Rubb Sound System Remix) – Jameisha Trice

8 Coflo’s Bounce (Coflo Deep Mix) – Coflo

9 Gonna Be Alright (Original Mix) – T.Markakis

10 Optimistic (Michael Gray Dub) – Brian Power feat. Lucita Jules

11 I’m Feelin’ U (T.Markakis Class ‘N’ Groove Extended Mix) – CeCe Peniston

12 Back To Life (Booker T Kings Of Soul Satta Dub) – Soul II Soul, Booker T

13 So Deep (Original Mix) – Mo’Cream

14 Love Manifesto (Yoruba Soul Mix) – Black Widow

15 La Isla de Bes (Citarella & Mijangos 2021 Remix) – Lexa Hill, Peppe Citarella, Mijangos

16 Kilomanjaro (DJ Spen Re Edit) – Stim Dzyl, Mark Francis

17 Addicted (Vocal Mix) – Richard Earnshaw, Kholi

18 Right back – Dj Vartan & Techcrasher

19 Born2Underground (Vocal) – Booker T

20 Derrumba (Original Mix) – Beatkozina

21 Blackkz Weakness (DJ Horse Edit) – Shino Blackk

22 You Make Me Better (Coflo Remix) – DJ G

23 Dedication – Alankara, Jazzy D

24 Losing Faith (Instrumental Mix) – Pat Bedeau

25 Don’t Speak Her Name (Qwestlife Remix) – Boyan, Nathan Thomas, Qwestlife

26 Rude Movements (OPOLOPO Remix Extended Version) -SunPalace, OPOLOPO

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Soul Deep



1 Ghosts (Black Science Orchestra Remix #1) – The Spaces Between

2 Roses (Extended Mix) – Tete De La Course

3 Track Two (Original Mix) – Shur-I-Kan

4 Dakar Disco (Crackazat Remix) – Alma Negra

5 Betcha She Don’t Love You (Sebb Junior Remix) – Ruby Francis

6 You Can (Vertigini Remix) – Mattei & Omich, Elisabeth, Vertigini

7 Deeper State of Motion (Phaze Dee Remix) – Alex Michos

8 He Did It (Troublemen Remix) – Harley & Muscle Featuring Dawn Tallman

9 That’s How Deep (Original Mix) – Tom Bug, Ron Carroll

10 Soul Deep (Original Mix) – Mo’Cream

11 With The Jazz (Original Mix) – vibrate

12 Love Will Bring It (Opolopo Remix) – Young Pulse, Funky French League, Natalie Nova, Opolopo

13 Reach For The Stars (Kevin’s Flute Mix) – Kevin Hedge (Blaze), Rick Galactik

14 Breaking Down (Blaze Shelter DJ Vocal Mix) – Ananda Project, Blaze

15 Trying (Miguel Migs Salty Love Dub) – Corsica One

16 Xpand – Dave Leatherman

17 My World (Original Mix) – Enea Dj

18 Resolution (Original Mix) – Scott Diaz

19 That’s True – Simon Adams

20 The Cosmic Laws (Phil Asher Restless Soul Vocal) – P’taah, Monday Michiru, Phil Asher

21 Feeling Fine (Main Mix) – Markus Enochson

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Late Night Café



1 Bahia (Kyoto Jazz Massive Mix) – Ananda Project

2 Always There (Late Night Jazz Cafe Always There Live) – Dee Jay Sound

3 Bind (Rampa Remix – Timmy Regisford Edit) – Howling

4 Find A Way (Artwork dub Remix) – FridayAfterWorkAffair, Artwork Dub

5 Watch This (Georgies Soulful House) – Glenn Sweety G Toby, Roland & Brother Rich, Georgie Porgie

6 Back To Life (Zepherin Saint Thunder Dub) – Soul II Soul, Zepherin Saint

7 Lord & Master – Playin‘ 4 The City

8 Deeper in U (Bertrand Dupart & Teddy Danet Mix) – Pat The Cat

9 Sensation White (Original Mix) – T.Markakis

10 Everything (Original Club Mix) – Dj Meme, Double Dee

11 Don’t Tell Me (Original Mix) – T.Markakis

12 Rise Again (Original Mix) – Soul Central, Pru Fiddy

13 I Play House (Original Mix) – Risk Assessment

14 Heaven (DSS Vs. Groove Junkies Hustlers Mix) – MissFly, Deep Soul Syndicate, Groove Junkies

15 Love (Gabriel Dominguez Version) – Ray MD, Gabriel Dominguez, Dayana Prado

16 Paradise (Neil Pierce & DJ Spen Vocal Mix) – DJ Rae, Neil Pierce, DJ Spen

17 Black Magic (Maurice Joshua Remix [feat. Kera]) – Hula Mahone

18 I Wanna (TimAdeep’s P.L.U.R. Remix) – Soultronixx, Kila, TimAdeep’s P.L.U.R.

19 Sun Ra Was Right (Kususa Remix) – STUDIO APARTMENT, Monique Bingham, Kususa

20 More of You (Booker T Afro House Vocal Mix) – Emeli Sandé, Stonebwoy, Nana Rogues, Booker T

21 Back Tonight (Saison Extended Remix) – Miguel Migs, Martin Luther, Saison

22 Can’t Get Enough (Original Mix) – DAN_ROS, T.Markakis

23 Kat’s Groove (Trackheadz Mix) – Nick Holder

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Joy Til Midnight (With Love & House Music)



1 Joy Til Midnight Remixes (Reelsoul Organic Mix) – DJ Said, Reelsoul

2 Reach Deep (ThomChris Soulful Remix) – Muzzaik

3 Optimistic Feat. Lucita Jules (Michael Gray Remix) – Brian Power, Michael Gray

4 Believe In A Brighter Day (Michael Gray Extended Mix) – Kelli Sae, Michael Gray

5 Been A Long Time (Full Intention 2021 Remix) – The Fog

6 Running (DjPope Funkhut Main Mix) – Dee Jay Sound, DjPope

7 Symphomaniac (Original Mix) – Soulista, Karmina Dai

8 Alright (Unreleased Fizzikx Vocal Remix) – Stephanie Cooke, Fizzikx

9 Happy People (Michael Gray Remix) – Kathy Brown, Michael Gray

10 Ask Me (Extended) – Duck Sauce, A-Trak, Armand Van Helden

11 Save Me (Peppe Citarella Suoulful Mix) – Elias Kazais, George North, Venessa Jackson, Peppe Citarella

12 This Music (Marc Cotterell Refix) – Craig C

13 Believe Yah Future (Extended Mix) – Mirko & Meex

14 Thinking Of You (Extended Club Mix) – Cafe 432, Sheree Hicks

15 Break 4 Love (Alex Finkin These Days Remix) – Rocco Rodamaal, Keith Thompson, Alex Finkin

16 Scream 4 Love (Micky More & Andy Tee Remix) – David Penn, Sheylah Cuffy, Micky More & Andy Tee

17 Jazz Stories (Original Mix) – T.Markakis

18 Cuba Libre (Cee ElAssaad Remix) – DJ Angelo & Da Mike & Cristian Vinci

19 Time & Space (Brukel Vocal Soulful Mix) – Brutha Basil, Kelvin Sylvester

20 Just In Time (Michael Gray Remix) – Raw Silk

21 Take 5 (Richard Payton’s Club Mix) – DJ Oji, Richard Payton

22 Don’t Look Any Further – T.Markakis

23 Love Manifesto (Terry Hunter’s Love Club Mix) – Black Widow, Emmaculate, Terry Hunter

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DJ Horse Lockdown Session 04/2021



1 Soul Spectral – Jimpster, Greg Paulus

2 Horizon (DJ Spinna Remix) – Deborah Jordan

3 Black Bird – Wipe The Needle ft. Tshaka Campbell

4 Still Drive (Richard Earnshaw Inner Spirit Revibe Extended) – Tom Chubb

5 It’s Love (Frankie Feliciano’s Classic Vocal Mix) – Josh Milan

6 Wide Awake (Fizzikx Remix) – Sol Brown ft. Selina Campbell

7 Everyday (Thommy Davis & DJ Spen Remix) – Fil Straughan, Thommy Davis, DJ Spen

8 It’s Alright (Blackk Dub) – Shino Blackk

9 Your Love (Georgies Afro House Dub) – Dj Georgie Porgie, Tiffany Sharee, Georgie Porgie

10 When Love Calls (Steve Silk Hurley House & Original Live Mix, DJ Horse Edit) – Shay Jones, Steve Silk Hurley

11 Tell Me (Scott Diaz Grand Plans Rub) – Southside Son

12 The Beach House (Original Mix) – Aris Kokou

13 Time To Be Real (David Harness Remix) – Small Talk, David Harness

14 Zaius (Ski Oakenfull-Mix, DJ Horse 2021 124BPM Remaster) -Incognito

15 Brighter Day (T.Markakis UA1 Remix) – Ron Carroll

16 I Hear Music In The Streets (Touch Mix & NYC Dub, DJ Horse Edit) – Louie Vega, Unlimited Touch

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Milí příznivci kvalitní house music. Jmenuji se ROMAN CHMIEL aka DJ HORSE a jsem z hudební rodiny z Havířova. O mém vztahu k procítěné soulful & jazz-house muzice svědčí i úspěšně dokončená konzervatoř, hra na trubku. S gramofony jsem se poprvé začal seznamovat v roce 1987 a o už 4 roky později protlačoval house a hraní z vinylů na klasických diskotékách. Následně se s bratrem Markem několikrát zúčastnil soutěží DMC v mixování České a Slovenské republiky. V letech 1999-2004 se významně podílel na tvorbě české vocal-houseové scény, hlavně díky pravidelným večírkům na Stodolní ulici v klubu BAR…VY. Legendární byly také mezinárodně obsazované párty HOUSE UNITY v ostravském klubu FABRIC.    

Své sety jsem prezentoval například v klubech MECCA a RADOST FX, na letních festivalech Mácháč, Beats for Love, Coal a své příznivce mám i v Polsku. 

Koncem roku 2021 jsem po letech opět podlehnul kouzlu vinylových desek, které ve velké míře opět sbírám a pokud je to na párty možné, preferuji hraní z gramofonů.

Na Fresh rádiu 103,6 FM v Ostravě nebo pomocí aplikace prakticky kdekoliv, můžete poslouchat můj pořad GROOVE. Live mixy, kde pro vás vyberu vždy to nejzajímavější z house music! (Soulful, Deep, Vocal, Nu Disco, Classic, Afro, Garage ….) Zvu si také zajímavé hosty. Živě ze studia každé pondělí od 21:00. Reprízy v soboty od 18:00.

Nejkvalitnější poslech je zde: 


Oblíbení DJ´s: Richard Earnshaw, Ralf Gum, Grant Nelson, Sebb Junior, Micky More & Andy Tee, Joey Negro (Dave Lee), Demuir, Scott Diaz, Rob Hayes, Shur-I-Kan, Chuck Love, Angelo Ferreri, DJ Meme, Ezel, Terry Hunter, Sandy Rivera, Dr. Packer, Phil Asher, Michael Gray, DJ Spen, CoFlo, Opolopo, Crackazat, Kerri Chandler, Booker T, Kai Alcé, Atjazz, Sean McCabe, Mijangos, T.Markakis, Karizma, Emmaculate, Louie Vega, Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupper, Kaidi Tatham, Jo Paciello, The Kollective …

Nejnovější sety si můžete poslechnout na těchto stránkách v originální kvalitě ve formátu FLAC s možností vrácení oblíbených songů a rovněž na tradičním

Máte také možnost se seznámit s tracklisty a jako bonus je možné si každý set také stáhnout ve formátu MP3 pro nerušený poslech např. při procházce, sportování nebo jízdě autem.

Booking: e-mail:, tel: +420 777 075 215

Užívejte života s pohodovou house music!

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